When I asked for Joanna's help, I was facing some life changes which impacted me negatively. I choose to take psychotherapy (CBT) sessions to prevent any further problems because I felt things were slipping away, unfortunately that method only increased my anxiety till the point of having full blown panic attacks, which had never happened to me before. After just one session with Joanna I was able to reconnect with the part of me which was feeling pain and fear, I got better just after one day, and after 5 days the anxiety almost completely disappeared. Joanna’s method was gentle, kind and on point, the session was tailored to my specific needs, and I could feel the positive effects almost immediately. Not only did I feel physically better, but my overall well-being was greatly improved as well. I highly recommend this therapy to anyone looking to improve their mental health. I am looking forward to further sessions. Five stars all around!
Olsi Xhaferaj
My session with Joanna was life changing. I knew that I was stuck in the past, especially with one event...one of those moments where you choose which way you want to go, right or left...and I kept thinking what if...how my life would be different...would I be happier and fuller? Those thoughts made me really tired and I noticed that they have had a huge influence on my present life and also on my beautiful relationship with my present partner. I felt really heavy and unable to move on, even though this "crossroad event" happened 18 years ago. I tried different kinds of meditation, rituals and trying to stay in the present moment but I couldn't help it. Some part of my heart left my body at that point and I could not live fully. The session was beautiful and Joanna was an amazing guide through the inner journey. She was truly supportive, peaceful  and non judgmental at all. I felt really safe. After the session I felt much lighter, brighter and fully understood what had happened and why I chose my path. I really feel calm now and have made peace with my past and with my relationship at that point...Thankfully this missing piece of my heart came back to me…
Anna Rusecka
I have been seeing Joanna for her therapies for a while now and I can honestly say that the work she has done for me has been life changing. She has helped me to clear through mental and physical blocks and has allowed me to better connect mind and body. She is incredibly patient in her approach and always takes a very considered and holistic overview to complete the therapy best needed. As a result of her work I have been able to heal and successfully recover from physical health issues that had plagued me for some time. The theta healing in particular has been incredibly insightful and has allowed me to gain mental and spiritual clarity, leave mental blockage behind and to be able to move forward into a brighter, clearer space. I could not recommend this type of treatment and Joanna’s practice enough.
"I had the most amazing session with Joanna. Joanna is so calm and made me feel completely relaxed straight away. We did a session over the phone and I wasn’t sure how it was going to work but is was brilliant and was really nice to be able to relax on my sofa straight after the session! We only did one session but it was completely transformative, she really helped me to unblock some areas that I had been struggling with, straight away. I can’t wait to come back again! “
Rose Fieber
Joanna uses her special gift to help identify limiting beliefs and work through any blockages you may have to be the best version of yourself. Through my sessions, she helped me heal heartache, recognise reoccurring patterns and lessons that could be completed (not repeated), and learn how to set boundaries and not feel guilty putting myself first.