Welcome to my Library!

I wish you an interesting visit!

I shall hope you will find something for you here or for you close ones for gifting. 

All my creations are made for fun, relaxing creativity and mindfulness. 

Let’s remember our Playful Self and allow it to play and learn. 

*All books can be found on Amazon in many countries so if you are outside the UK you can most likely get it too. Just click on the image to go further. 

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Animal Mandala Colouring Book with Affirmations

Get creative and relax with this beautiful colouring book.
Connect to yourself through art and affirmations.
Colouring is relaxing by bring you into present moment with you and your colourful art.
There is also space for journaling and notes if you like writing.


This beautifully designed notebook is full of cats bringing you messages for reflexion and detente.
Prompting mindfulness with some humour and mischief as cats do.
If you love cats this is for you!

Create Your Life

This notebook contains quotations of Neville Goddard - the pioneer of Law of Assumption and power of the mind. Learn how to use yours for conscious creation of your life! Beautifully created with watermarked pages where you can write and enjoy your notebook.

Unicorn Forest Colouring Book

This is a perfect gift for children for fun and development. This colouring book is also a journal that prompts children to express not just through images
but also words and mindful reflexion about their day, themselves and others. I could easily use it as an adult too - since I love magic creatures.