Do you think you have confidence? 

We often seem to lack it -so called shy person or be in excess of it  – so called arrogant one. Too often it is tied in with accomplishment of some sort or again lack of it. Either way it always seems to be dependent on someone or something  and measured by action of comparing. 

Somewhere along the line of us being compared or comparing ourselves to others we cease to see ourselves, to see that precisely what differs us is the most beautiful gift of being ourselves.    

We perceive it as a fault instead.. 

We wish to be more of something else or rather  “someone else”. 

Why? When do we stop being ourselves? 

Is there another way?

If we look at small children they don’t do that part of judging and comparing. They don’t question themselves , neither they define others.They just are and do what they want without reason and justification. 

So you may say : Yeah but they kids, they don’t know anything and  they don’t have problems etc.

Is it ?

I actually think that they do know – haven’t stopped knowing yet and they obviously have their problems (try to spend time with a 5 year old to see how many “problems” would appear during one day ;)). 

What they do not have is the judgement ! (Until we teach them that anyway..). They are present and in allowance of everything. 

You know what? You and I once have been children so maybe we could “unlearn” to judge and be in allowance to??

We knew how to do it until someone told us that we should be something else or something more , like more beautiful, smart, wise, successful , quiet or whatever else you heard. Until that very moment we “bought “ that something is wrong with us , we were perfectly fine and happy in our own skin- not questioning our confidence and not knowing the meaning of it. We simply were.

What if there is absolutely nothing wrong with you? 

So you still get to be you, perfect as ever 🙂 

How about from now on we question every single opinion / judgement and thought about us whether it is in our head or from external source. What if by doing so it creates an option that maybe it is not true ( like we believed before)? So we can actually decide if we even want to accept it as truth and believe it or not. 

I guess children do not have that problem amongst others 🙂 

Let’s find our inner child and unlearn together. 

What if that could be THE Way to be exactly what we always wished for ?! 

And to stop using confidence as an excuse ( to not be or not do or both!) 

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