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Choice – You always have it!

Bruce Lee said : “Do or do not do.” 

We always have a choice!

So why do we so often say – I did not have a choice or I do not have a choice therefore I have to choose “this “ ? 

The question here is what is our motivation, intention or drive to make that precise choice.

We live in a dualistic world which means we usually have at least two options.. 

Is it possible that we do have even more? We just need to be willing to see it. Easier said than done! You might be getting irritated with me now. 

I wonder if we could be open minded here. Just remember a situation where you thought you haven’t had a choice in the past ( any situation- it doesn’t have to be the most dramatic one;-) . Since it is done you might be able to look at it with different perspective, as if you were looking at someone else, let’s say your friend. 

What other options can you see now and so what would be your advice to that friend? 

You see how it changes when you take ‘yourself’ (as of your judgements, conclusions and illusions) out of the equation … 

So my friend do or do not do and do it for you 😉

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